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LokaForma Conduit Studio takes modeled conduit to the next level with conduit splitting and split management tools. This toolset brings fabrication and spooling ideologies into Revit conduit design in a way that allows you to control your content while letting us do the math to get those couplings and bender hooks just where you need them.

The Align Couplings tool allows you to align a set of selected couplings on parallel conduits to a reference coupling.

The Decouple Run tool will remove any selected couplings from conduit runs.

The Single Split tool will place a single coupling on a single selected conduit.

The Split Multiple tool will place couplings on multiple selected parallel conduits.

The Split To Fitting and Split Multiple To Fitting tools will place couplings on selected conduit until it approaches a fitting.

The Split Run and Split Run Multiple tools will place couplings on individual or multiple selected parallel conduits calculating lengths through bends.

The Conduit Lengths area gives you an instant view of the length of your selected conduits and conduit runs.

The Data Manager allows you to manage all conduit run data and get a birds-eye view of your model.

Quickly Group your conduit runs by a user-defined custom parameter and export an entire model worth of conduit runs to a CSV file.

Gain full control over your data by utilizing the Locate Selected and Auto Number Selected tools.

Import data from a spreadsheet to quickly populate conduit run and segment data.

Quickly select selected elements or elements with bends using the selection shortcuts.

Sync Data among all conduit segments member elements.

Generate and Print fabrication ready Bend Sheets right from the Data Manager.

“The simplicity and flexibility of LokaForma’s conduit splitting app changed the game for us and allowed us to grow into model-based conduit fabricators.”

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